First of all – an awesome outlook.

There will be camping and there will be campfires – that much is guaranteed but the waves are not. There is always the slight opportunity that it will not even be overhead enough for us bodysurfers, unlikely but true!  or any other collusion of unfavorable elements – its the nature of the beast so prepare accordingly.

That said, here is a basic list

  • Camping gear – whatever you need to sleep comfortably under stars and potentially some rain. So tent, rain protection, somewhere to sit etc etc
  • Food – You are going to need to bring sustenance or drive 10min everyday to the local shop (seasonal opening times) or 30min to the turn off General Store.
  • Wetsuit – Its winter, rubber up accordingly with a 3/2 or 4/3 depending on your tolerance.
  • Warmth – Its winter and while not as cold as down south, its certainly not tropical Queensland either.
  • Gear – there will be some demos but suggest bringing your own stuff if you plan to be in the water as much as possible