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Thats a wrap!!

What a weekend! Has there ever been a greater gathering of bodysurfers in one location for the simple purpose of social interaction and surfing? Perhaps.. maybe..but who cares! The first unofficial official Whomp Camp was all time!

There were great waves throughout the weekend. Starting with draining 3-4ft peaks on Friday, to 2-3ft peaks of fun throughout Saturday and 2ft on Sunday morning for the hardcore few.

Along with the 37 bodysurfers, we had whales, dolphins and penguins sharing the warm blue water with us and every wave felt like a party wave. Sometimes literally!

Bar a light drizzle on Saturday, the weather was fantastic throughout with the forecast rain arriving as if on cue, only as the camp was being packed up on Sunday.

Personal highlights

The outright camaraderie and sharing of waves and equipment
The calls of ‘party wave’
Being the dominant wave riders in the lineup (for once)
The rousing Cliff Flax/Belly Slater camp fire performance – getting salt crusted bodysurfers into sing a long
Commitment to the cause – guys driving down from the Gold Coast (7.5 hours) and North Brisbane (over 8 hours!)

The Whomp Against Cancer raffle also managed to raise over $2600 for a very good cause.  The winners list can be found here

A huge thanks to all the sponsors and donators who chipped in to make that possible and to the blonde locked world champion Tom Marr, for drawing the prizes.

It was incredibly humbling and satisfying experience to see such an enthusiastic adoption of an idea formulated over a few beverages earlier in the year. The bodysurfing community is a definitely in a good place.

So stay tuned for some further updates as pictures are released and of course, plans for Whomp Camp 2017!

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Whomp On

The day is finally upon us – the day of Whomp, where freedom and barrels beckon!

Assuming you are packed and ready to rock and roll then you are probably wondering where your fellow whompers will be camping?

Well you can either follow the whispers of conversation to a location where people are talking in reverent tones about the amazing closeout they had and what is the drag coefficient of a pair of sluggos OR.. you can look at the handily scrawled map below..

See you there

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Road Triiiiiip!!!

The final days of waiting are nearly over – Whomp Camp is almost upon us!

Its time to pack and repack your gear, fill up the car, find some tunes and  smash maccas along the way – safe in the knowledge of a weekend filled with smack talk and barrel chasing!

If you need a some hints on what to bring check here

Otherwise the forecast is looking pretty tasty – so will be aiming to get there early doors Friday for a few cheeky waves!

Game On!!!!

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How are Yewwww getting to Whomp Camp?

Whomp camp is almost upon us and with all the recent swells the froth has gone up a notch to ELEVEN!!

That great thing about the Seal Rocks location is the sheer number of options available to suit wind and swell direction. From out front to Cellitos, to Boomerang, to Elizabeth to the Ruins – this place pumps.

So it’s time to start thinking about packing the van, the backpack, the ..erm.. tricycle?!?

If you are on instagram you can now follow Whomp Camp news on @whompcamp

Lastly – we have nearly cracked $2000 on the Cancer raffle – which is awesome news for such a good cause and just goes to show what a great community there is out there.

See yewwwwwww at Whomp Camp!

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Stay tuned to the frothing goodness!